10 Thought Tuesday


10 Thought Tuesday Jun 17, ’08 5:07 PM
for Mel ‘s friends, Mel ‘s family and Mel ‘s online buddies

1)  It has been FOREVA since I did a ten thought blog and it was a Tuesday or a Thursday!  YAY me!

2)  I pick up Becky (my new car) tonight!  WOOOOOOOT!

3)  It took longer for my car to the dealership than I thought it would because car salesmen are pathological liars.

4)  Cody and I are going to get my car.  We have been spending some alone time together lately and we have so much fun!!

5)  We are alone because Carsten is at YMCA camp this week.  Having her in camp has been like heaven, a VERY quiet heaven.  A heaven without angels asking you a bagillion questions.

6)  We had a realtor open house today and my realtor showed up a half hour late, AFTER other realtors had already arrived.  When she did get to my house she was all southern sassy to me and called me Sweetheart.  (“sweetheart” is southern for “bitch”)  Oh and also? 

7)  Realtors are pathological liars too.

8)  It is hotter than a goat’s butt in a pepper patch here.  It has been in the 90’s all week.

9)  The bunnies and gliders have been re-homed.  I am seventy kinds of sad.

10)  My sadness has driven me to shop (via the internet) for new pets.  Pets that can be litter box trained, are not stinky, and like to cuddle.  Pets that my HOA will allow.  I have determined that I need a hedgehog.  You think I am insane, don’t you?

11- the bonus thought)  Someone asked me about my hair today… so I thought I would explain in case anyone else was wondering.  I do have wavey hair, but not as wavey as it looks like right now.  A few weeks ago I had a texturizing treatment to make my hair more wavey.  It is a new process, kind of like a perm.  My hairdresser Shelby went to a class in Miami to learn how to do it!  And I LOVE it!  


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