Wine Down Wednesday….


You are about to witness a dream come true.

About a year ago, during a wine fueled purge of the contents of Marie’s closet, I took home her flute.  Her flute that she played for about a semester in middle school and then never again.  I am not sure why I took it home, other than I played flute all through high school and thought I would still be able to play.  Whatever the reason, I took it home and put it somewhere safe.  And by safe I mean somewhere that I forgot about five minutes later and then couldn’t ever locate again.

During my packing and moving process Marie and I kept joking that once we actually found the flute again, there would be an epic duet.   We had the perfect song picked out, the theme song to one of our favorite shows, Bachelor In Paradise.  You might remember the song Almost Paradise from the movie Footloose, or just in general because it is one of the most awesome songs ever.

Then the day arrived, all of sudden one day, there it was!  The flute just appeared on my pile of boxes!!  It was a MIRACLE!  Or it could have been that Billy just found it, but I prefer to go with miracle.

The week I packed up my moving truck I had a few days before I could move into my new house, so  I stayed at Marie’s house.  It was on one of these days that we spent the afternoon practicing our duet and drinking A LOT OF WINE.

Here is the result…. for your viewing pleasure.  Might not want to have the volume too loud… it is ME singing after all.




Marie and I have decided this should only be the first in a series we will call Wine Down Wednesdays, where we drink a lot of wine and then videotape what happens next!


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