Makin Hats

Making HATS! May 18, ’07 11:04 PM
for you

Stac (Mrs. M) sent CL and cool Make Your OWN Hat kit for CL’s birthday. Her birthday was a few weeks ago….. and I have been putting off the hat making, because, well, because I knew it would involve me wearing a funny hat.

But, finally, today CL said to me, “STOP BEING MEAN TO ME! LET’S MAKE HATS!”

How can I say no to that?

So, here you are internets…. us making hats. I KNOW. I KNOW. Making hats on a Saturday just might BE way TOO wild for you! Hold on Internets! And get ready to get skooled on hat makin! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Can you see Tater under the table?

Question: Who did the majority of the hat making? Answer: Mel

Question: Who’s world stops so she can pose when she hears a camera start clicking? Answer: CL

There you have it! One fancy freaky hat!

Only CL could make a fancy freaky hat look good.

Because I sure CAN’T!


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