I did it!


I DID IT! May 25, ’07 11:36 PM
for Mel ‘s friends, Mel ‘s family and Mel ‘s online buddies

Hello Innernets! I am home! And I DID IT!


You will have to take my word for it though all you get tonight is a pre-piercing picture.

I don’t want to freak out those (few) of you that don’t have one (and holy people!You were holding out on me! I didn’t know how many of you had your belly button pierced!) The belly piercing virgins might get all scared at the pics of my red and a wee bit swollen piercing. Todd (the piercing guy) said the belly should be ready for its blog debut in about a week. So, you will just have to wait! SORRY!


Anyhoooo, it went GREAT! Todd the piercing guy was SUPER nice and made me feel really comfortable. That was no easy task. I walked in all shaky, taking deep breaths, made a quick circle and was contemplating going right back OUT the door, when he said hello. He also scored some major points when he asked what he could help my little brother and me with. (Yes, dysfunctional is how I roll, so I took my tween with me to get my bb pierced.)

Then we went to the back of the shop to a very well lit (YAY!) and clean (YAY!) room with lots of sterile looking equipment (YAY!)


Todd – Roll up your shirt so I can take at look at your belly and see if it is right for piercing.


Me ~ Wait. This is negotiable? It might be all belly button piercing DENIED! in here?


Todd ~ haha. Roll up your shirt.


Me ~ gaaaaah. (rolling up shirt)


Todd ~ OOOO! You have a PERFECT belly for a piercing!


Me ~ I bet you say that to ALL the ladies.


Todd ~ No. I don’t. I don’t want a BAD piercing reputation, so if I think it won’t work, I won’t do it. So, I mean it. Your belly is perfect.


Me ~ Say that again.


Todd ~ Your belly is perfect?


Me – That didn’t sound too confident.

Todd – Really! It is perfect!

Me ~ Good! One more time?


Todd ~ No.


So, then he marked my belly button with dots so the piercing would be straight.Then I layed down on the table, and he put some clamps on my bb so that it would stay straight.


CJ was supposed to stay and watch, but…


CJ ~ Errrrrrr. I am going to go tie my shoe.


Me- But you are wearing flip flops.





Then, Todd told me to start breathing in my nose and out my mouth and he poked in the first hole. I thought, WOW! THAT DIDN’T EVEN HURT!!! Then, he poked out the second hole and the world stopped. And so did my breathing. Heh. Nah, it wasn’t that bad. HURT like mother nature (ha! Kim!) for a few seconds and then it just stung.


Because Kristi is physic, the very second I pulled out of the parking lot I got a text message that said, Did it hurt? The text was followed ten seconds later by a phone call. HOW DOES SHE DO THAT?!?!?


CJ and I went to the mall afterward where I checked about every five minutes to see if the piercing was still there, did I REALLY do it? YES! I! DID! I tried to be inconspicuous, but judging by some of the looks I got I wasn’t too successful. CJ would say things like, Day pass from the mental ward! Hahaha! Or Mom FINALLY let my sister get her bb pierced!!


So, I am home now. And I think I have PROBABLY looked at it a kabillion times already. In fact, I am off to bed to fall asleep staring at it! Stay tuned.. I will post pics next week and then YOU can fall asleep staring at it TOO! HA!


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