Fireworks and Margaritas

Fireworks and Margaritas… Jul 3, ’07 11:22 PM
for Mel ‘s contacts
 …. that is how I ended my three week long vaca to Kansas. The kids and I fly out in the am. I will try to catch up with all of you this weekend! Until then, enjoy some pictures from my last night here!

Mel and Abby
Sitting on L’s lap!
Pick trying to kill me by sitting on MY lap!
Jim rrrrawwwing like a tiger!

I will miss being able to party like a rock star with a freshly made margarita (not even laced with spatula THIS time!!) Special thanks to Jim and Abby for hosting one last get together!! I would like to think that the most awesome fireworks display ever by a teenager that I witnessed at their house tonight (VLOG when I get home people! WOOT!) was done just for me, but even I am not THAT vain. So, thanks Jim and Abby for giving up your 4th (or sharing your 4th?) with me! I sure will miss ALL of you!


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