Tween Talk

Communication with my tween. Jul 7, ’07 11:10 PM
for Mel ‘s contacts

I logged into messenger tonight and NOTICED these words behind my son’s name: “I love Julia!” ps. my other son (cj’s best friend, austin) is staying overnight tonight. So, I did the only NATURAL thing a mother in the 21st century COULD do. I im’ed him.

me: ummmmm…. you LOVE julia?
me: why didn’t your mother know that?
me: hmmmmmmmm?
cj: you didnt know that!?!?!?!
cj: it is on my phone too!!!!
cj: austin says hi
me: seems like something a kid would tell his mother. if he actually LIKED his mother, that is.
cj: HI! (from austin)
cj:  (from austin too)
me: all riiiiiiiighty then.
me: so, like, you say, i love you?
me: and she says, i love you too?
me: like that?
cj: its more like she says i love you and i say i love you more.
melgmom: o
melgmom: m
melgmom: g
cj: i know!!
me: whoa.
me: i think i need another margarita.
cj: i want 1!!!!!!!!!
cj: so does austin!!!
me: don’t MAKE me come over there and kick you in the head.
me: you do NOT need a margarita. you don’t need to try them until you are 45. AT LEAST. or? maybe you should try them two weeks from never.
me: i need one though. FOR. SURE.
cj: dad needs one. bad.
me: anyhoooooooooo, my wee wittle boy is in wuv!
melgmom: hahahaha! (that would be my not laughing because it is funny laugh, but my omg that scares the crap out of me laugh.)
cj: yep
me: well, ok! good luck with that! the love thing, i mean. omg. are you REALLY in love?
cj: thanks! i am!
me: i need time to process. i am gonna go chat with friends!
me: don’t stay up all night.
cj: dont worry (i will)
me: i am imagining my foot crushing your skull again (wonder why)
cj: stop imatating dad!!!!
me: oooooh. you BETTER take that back right now mister.
cj: ooooooooooooooook
me: take it back!
me: C. J. say, i take it back! or say, mom! your kick is MUCH deadlier than my dad’s!
me: or i am coming over there.
cj: i take it back
me: ok!
cj: noo dont come
me: nighty-night!
cj: !!!
me: waaaaaait. why don’t come?
cj: g’night!!
me: r u doin something naughty?
me: maybe i SHOULD come
cj: cause no. don’t. g’night!
me: maybe i NEEEEEED to come?
me: on my WAY! unless u give me ONE good reason not to.
me: awwww.
me: so sweet!
me: good night!

Then? The best part? They came over here to my office and hugged me good night!


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