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Blog Entry I’m baaaaaaaaack! Picture Blog! Mar 23, ’08 6:44 PM
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I have returned from campground land!

It was a gorgeous weekend… very sunny and warm.  (sorry dwelling in cold weather states people!)

The campground was very pretty… it was in a state park, on a peninsula.  Everywhere you looked was a pretty view.















First, I keep forgetting to mention that Norman is new and improved, with wood floors and new carpet near the driver and passenger seats.












Also Norman was rockin’ some new technology (satellite radio and a tv) and was fully stocked with Easter candy.  My kind of camping!













OK!  Now…. on to the camping portion of this blog!

The kids and I arrived on Friday after school (BB went ahead of us on Thursday), we had dinner (foil dinners) and for dessert I made a foil pouch of apples, butter, cinnamon and sugar.  Mmmm!

Saturday morning BB and Kevin went golfing.  Diane and her kids were bike riding around the campground.  Carsten tried to join them but the road was too bumpy and the hills too big, so the kids and I decided to go hiking instead.  We hiked through the woods to the lake, and there were lots of cool things to see!

We found this tree, and it was NOT a friendly tree.  I think at night it probably has fangs to bite you and arms that grab you!!  EEP!










Then Cody showed us the log bridge he found, and had been crossing to get to the hill that led to the lake.  It might not look too scary in the picture, but trust me, for a person afraid of heights (ME!) it was VERY scary!  I nearly peed my pants when Cody crossed it.












I was plotting my course AROUND the tree bridge, when Murphy the chihuahua crossed it.  Gah.  If a chihuahua can do it, then SURELY I can!












So Carsten and I crossed holding hands, and Cody slid down in the gully to take our picture.













We made our way down the giant hill, pausing to take a cool picture of one of my favoritest forest dweller, MOSS! 










Carsten was THRILLED about the amount of shells on the shore, so she set about filling her bucket with shells, while Cody and Murphy did their own exploring.












And there were MORE pretty views!









We did some good old fashioned hanging out with each other in the camper…

















We roasted hot dogs, hamburgers, some yummy fajitas, and yes!  Some peeps!













Though the roasting of the peeps was short.  My first attempt at a roasted peep resulted in it melting off of my roasting stick and falling into the fire.  There, it expanded and oozed and Carsten swore she saw it’s peep heart beating.  And, yeah…… the talk of a beating peep heart ruined it for me.  haha.

It was a great weekend, but I must say…. the camper of the week(end) award goes to…………….


MURPHY the Chihuahua! 

Whether it was in the camper,










Or on tree bridges….












Or just relaxing around the campsite… he was an excellent camper, and VERY cooperative when Mommy wanted a picture!  He slept with me, ate with me, followed me wherever I went (without a leash!!), only barked once and it was his FIRST time camping EVER!  Yay Murphy!











Our weekend ended with an egg hunt, here are some pictures of Carsten with our friend’s son Garrett and also our friends Kevin and Diane.  Yes, I did take pictures of them for you under the disguise of taking egg hunt pictures!  Mwahahahahaha!





Cody and I drove home together…. and had a little fun with my Tomtom!  Hope everyone had a great weekend and fantastic Easter!


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