10 Thought Tuesday

Ten Thought Tuesday Mar 25, ’08 11:30 AM
for Mel ‘s friends, Mel ‘s family and Mel ‘s online buddies

1) I talked to my sister Cara today, and I got to say Hello to Terry the t-shirt guy.  We were going over stuff for the t-shirts.  No, I have NOT forgot people, I know you have been waiting patiently for an update.  I apologize it is taking so long.  Terry was sick and Terry was busy and Terry should have the design ready this week.  I am not complaining because TTTG (Terry the T-shirt Guy) is doing this for costs only and this makes him my puffy heart angel.  TTTG needs to know… how many people might need XXL?  And what is the smallest kid size we will need?  Do we want the shirts to be a certain color?  We can do white with colors in the FTC or black with white/silver FTC letters…. I just said that I want TTTG to show us what HE thinks, because HE is the t-shirt guy, not me… but I wanted to hear what you guys thought too!

2)  I booked my tickets today!  To come to the benefit!  Weeee!  I am going to be arriving on Friday the 30th!  AND!  I am gonna stick around for a while!  Since I am bringing both Cody AND Carsten, I thought I would pay all my sisters a visit while I am there!  And I think my parents MIGHT be at the benefit too. 

3) My Mom doesn’t want me to say that.  Because she is worried about meeting all of my internets.  She worries too much.  I think you will all love her.  Both my parents are funny, and sarcastic, and wonderful.  And, I want everyone to be able to tell her how wonderful the quilt she is making for Stacey’s silent auction is.  If you haven’t seen it, check it out HERE!  She has pictures of it on her page!

4) Hey Mel’s sisters!  Surprise!!  I am coming to visit you!  A few days each!  With Cody and Carsten!! Should I have asked if that was ok first?  Oopsie!

5) My garbage-men are over achievers.  My garbage day is Thursday, and they came at around 9am for about 18mnths.  Then, I can only assume, they entered some sort of speediest Garbageman of the Year Contest and they have arriving at wee early o’clock.  Last week my garbage was at the curb before 7am and it was TOO LATE!  I missed them!  They had already been there and so my garbage never got picked up!!  GAH!  WTH?  I called them and they said I should just put it out Wednesday night.  Since when does garbage pick-up start at midnight?  My garbage pick up is NOT Wednesday night, right?  Yes, they said.  I said, it is Thursday!  ThursDAY! DAY!!  (I am pretty sure this was NOT a RAK moment for me!)  I hung up and walked around my house muttering, ThursDAY! DAY!  AND?  My stupid neighbors dog will knock over the can in the night and then I will have to go out there with rubber gloves and pick up the trash that is strewn about the ditch, and URP and GAG!  NEWSFLASH! That is NOT fun!

6)  Speaking of the neighbors dog.  I hate him.  This is the dog that shats on my patio, left his paw prints in the wet cement of my patio, chews up my garbage, and bit my cat in the arse!  Yesterday he came into my yard and Starr almost killed him.  Shelly and I had to get in between Stoopid Neighbor Dog and Starr.  And uhm?  My dog weighs 165!  I however, do NOT weigh 165!  IT SUCKED!  GRRR!  I am SO SO SO mad at SND’s (stupid neighbor dog’s) owners.  But the owner?  That is the guy that almost got into a fist fight at the Neighborhood Association meeting.  His hobby is screaming until veins explode in his forehead.  I am skeeered of him.  And?  I feel BAD for SND!  It isn’t HIS fault that he is loose and not neutered, and has all those crazy boy macho angry hormomes bouncing around in his body!!  I don’t know WHAT to do!!!!!!  I just want SND to go away.  FAR away.  Maybe I could convince the Overacheiving Garbage men to pick up SND with my garbage at midnight??????

7)  Driving home from camping on Sunday, Cody and I were alone in the car.  I listened to a few of my favorite songs, and then gave him the control of the ipod.  He listened to two songs, and then guess what song he played?  Yeah.  Whatever it Takes by Lifehouse from The Best Mom Day Ever blog.  I had to look out the window and suck back the tears.  Gah.  I love that kid.

8)  Guess what I got in the mail yesterday?!?!  A FTC * BTO bracelet from Potsy!  Just like Mandi’s!  I lurve you Potsy!  You are SO sweet!  I would post a picture, but it is on my leg, and shall forever remain there, and I have not yet shaved my legs today…. so you CANNOT see!  Sorry!

9)  Carsten has this new word she uses.  She LOVES the word actually, but one day I think some wires got crossed in her brain and she combined “actually” with “accidentally” and creating the word “actuallentally”.  I was telling Rikki this yesterday and Rikki said, no!  It’s a REAL word!  It means when you actually do something but it is an accident!  Actuallentally!  and OMG!  A light bulb went on!  I must stop correcting her when she says it!  Because Carsten is a mini me!  She made up a word!!

10)  Carsten was sitting at the computer yesterday playing a computer game and all of a sudden I hear her exclaim, “WHAT THE ART SCHOOL?”  I said, “What did you just say?!?!”  And she says, “I SAID!!!!!!! WHAT! THE! ART! SCHOOL!” and people?  She was not playing a game that had ANYTHING to do with art OR school!  She just made up a phrase like, What the French Toast!  I am SOOOOOOOO proud!

*Edited with a #11 from the comment section!!

11)  I am watching The Price Is Right and I kid you not, when this guy was spinning the wheel, and Drew asked him if he wanted to thank anyone, he said, “I want to thank the Lord, Jesus Christ”
While. Spinning. The. Wheel.
Maybe he thinks that is what that Carrie Underwood – Jesus Take the Wheel song is about?!?!
Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake the Wheeeeeeeeeel! On the Price is Right!  Jeeeeeeeeeesus take the wheeeee-eee-eeee-eeeeel!
I bet he is from South Carolina.





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