Seeing Stac…

Monday mumblings… Sep 22, ’08 12:05 PM
for Mel ‘s network


* Mandi and I went to see Stacey last night…. and had such a good time.  It feels so good to sit there with Stacey, just spending time with her and Mandi, and making Stacey laugh.  She was feeling ok yesterday, just really anxious to go home today.  Mandi and I thought Stac looked great… she of course disagreed with us, but anyway… she has been able to gain back 3lbs!  That made Mandi and I hoot!!  Yay!  We were so happy to hear that her appetite has been better and she might be back on the upswing.


Keep saying those prayers for Stacey.  I really, really, REALLLLLLLLLY hope that she doesn’t have to go back to the hospital again soon, as in being admitted.  She will still have to go back to the clinic everyday to have her counts checked and get platelet transfusions as needed.


Here is Carsten in all of her hockey gear.  Leslie had asked me if I am freaked out about her playing hockey… and the answer is, not really.  I forget that I have not mentioned very often that my sister, Cara played hockey for years and years… she had a scholarship to play college hockey and now she coaches hockey. 

So, when Carsten said she wanted to play, I was really excited… for her, for myself (to get to watch) and also excited to tell my sister that Carsten was going to play.  In fact, Cara was so excited when I told her that she could barely talk!  Cara came to the cities this weekend and she went with Carsten, to hockey sign up.  Practice doesn’t start right away, but there is already ice time… so she has a little while to practice skating.  (and no, Jenny, it isn’t at 5am!!)

*  I think we are going today after school, to get Carsten’s hair cut.  We are going to go to one of those specialty kids hair cut places… I forget the name.  I will take my camera, and capture it all for the Internets. 

The charity we decided on is called Pantene Beautiful Lengths, they make wigs for women that lose their hair because of cancer.  It was the closest thing we could find, to donating to Stacey.  Carsten wishes that they could make a wig FOR Stacey… but she said she is happy if someone LIKE Stacey gets her hair.  I already feel all verclempt when I talk about it…. I know I am probably gonna cry through her hair-cut.  Not because I am sad about her hair… though I am a little worried that she will miss her long hair and it will grow incredibly slow like mine… but I feel all emotional about how excited she is to do it, because of where her hair is going.  I am just really proud of her.

*  All righty…. I am off to go shopping!  There is a sale at Kohl’s that is calling my name!  Have a great day everyone!!


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