Ta Da!!!!!!!!!!! Sep 22, ’08 5:40 PM
for Mel ‘s network

Soooo… guess what?!?!  Carsten did it!!!  For reals!  She! Did! It!

Here is the “before” picture….


In the chair, at Kid’s Cuts.












Measuring her hair to make sure we have 8 inches…



Then…. two pony tails CUT OFF!!










Cut, Cut, and Cutting some more……












Cody likes to take pictures when I am talking.  That’s how he rolls.



She was telling me that she is worried no one at school will know who she is….










Hey look!  I didn’t cry!  Yay me!



Back home, for the “after” picture….












She wanted to make sure the Internets saw the back too….












Ok, just TRY, realllllllllllllllly TRY, to tell me that she is NOTthe cutest thing EVAH!  I bet you can’t!  Because she is non-stop, short-haired, adorable cuteness! 












Pantene Beautiful Lengths… tomorrow there will be two little ponytails coming your way, for you to make a beautiful wig for someone like our dear friend Stacey. 


I love you Carsten! 

Mommy is soooooo proud of you!


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