A few updates…. Sep 26, ’08 4:10 PM
for Mel ‘s contacts

Hidey hoe neighbors!

Long time no talkey!  Whatcha been up to?

I am goin’ out tonight!  Weeeeee!  I can’t wait!  But before I go, here are a few updates on me, me, me, MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

1) Leslie wanted a Pico update… I am sorry I have not been talking about him much lately.  Last weekend he had his FIRST bath… I should have taken a picture of it, but Carsten was “helping” and poor Pico was frantically trying to find an exit from the sink.  Who knew that a hedgehog could stretch so far?!?!  Anyway… hims survived his first bath, and then he went outside to dry off in the sun and visit with the neighborhood kids.  He luffs all the kids, and they super uber LUFF him.  They come RUNNNNNNNNING when they see me holding him.

Pico did NOT feel like playing today.  Which is ok.  I coulda coaxed him out, but I had a busy day… so Pico playtime will have to wait.  (sorry leslie!  I promise I will try harder this weekend.)  Here is what he does when he no wants to play.



He turns hims-self into a prickly needle ball.






Anyway… here is a picture of what his little humble abode looks like:










2)  I started worm composting again!  weeeeeee!  I am a weirdo, because I love worms.  I even have a shirt that says, “Worms eat my garbage”.  Take that recyclers.  WORMS EAT MY GARBAGE.  I win.

3)  I got Carsten a present for getting all her hair cut off.  Since she is a mini-me, can you guess what she picked?  That’s right…. pets.  We got her two female Beta fish. (the fighting fish)  Did you know that female Betas can live together?  They can.  They get along fine.  It is only the stoopid boys that fight.  Typical.  Anyway…. they aren’t as pretty as the male Beta fish (what is up with THAT Mother Nature???) but they are still pretty colorful, and Carsten puffy hearts them.











4)  I got my hair cut.  I was lazy and instead of driving to the guy that Jen (missmagoo) gave me, I decided to try out a place just down the street.  B-I-G mistake.  The lady was a total Beeeeee-otch.  She would ask me questions, and if I didn’t give her the answer she wanted she would correct me. 

beeeeee – otch:  Here is where your bangs start…. do you want to keep them there?

me: yes.

Beeeeee – otch – No.  you don’t.  They should start here.

me:  I liked them the way they were.

Beeee-otch – No you didn’t.  It didn’t look right.

ooooookay then.  Wanna guess if I made another appointment?  I did not.


5) Oct 7th is my next doctor appointment…. and it is with Dr. M, my mostest favoritest doctor of ALLLLLLL time!  Woot!

6)  I spent two days volunteering at Cody’s school this week…. monitoring kids while they take their MAP tests and writing them hall passes when they were done.  I know I am 33, but I had an urge to steal the hall pass pad…. musta been an unrequited dream from my youth.  Anyhoodles… it was fun, everyone (from the secretary, to the teachers, to the other volunteering parents) was so nice to me.  It did not feel like it was the first time I had volunteered there… I felt like I had ALWAYS been volunteering there. 

7)  A kid taking the test watched me playing with my phone, and when he was done with his test and I was writing him a pass he told me – “your iphone is tight.”   Errrrrrrrrr…. ok?  I think I said something ama-za-zingly dorky like, errrrr.  thanks.  I like it a lot.  GAH.  All I could think of was, ummmmm, how is a phone TIGHT?  Was does a loose phone look like?  Huh?

8)  Then today?  I thought I would have a lot of uninterrupted time, so I painted my nails.  Then 76 kids finished all at the same time, and I had to write hall passes with my fingers all wonky and discombobulated, trying not to smudge a nail.  I am sooooooooooooooooooo not COOL.   

9)  All righty then.  I think there was more I wanted to tell you…. but I forget.  All I can think about is margaritas.  SOL.

Sooooooooooo, I am off to make myself boo-ti-ful!  Have a great weekend!!


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