Remember me?

Remember me? *edited! Nov 5, ’08 8:53 AM
for Mel ‘s network

Long time, no talky.   I know you all have been wondering where I am and how I am feeling, and I am sorry if I worried anyone.

This treatment is kicking my ass.  The first week I threw up every single day… food tastes different and I am STARVING for something and then when I eat it I feel so awful I never want to ever eat it again in my whole entire life.  I have dealt with it by just not eating a lot.  Good times.

The other thing?  Pain.  Even more than normal.  It feels like there are burning hot pokers stabbing me in every joint.  It gets worse at night… some nights even with sleep meds I get only a few hours of sleep… or I wake up crying.  Another thing I have learned?  Pain makes me blunt, mean almost.  So, I have tried not to comment, because you would all think I was on crack or perhaps like I suddenly hated you or sumthin.  Which I don’t… I guess I am just different when I feel like this.

I feel a bit better now… not as queasy but the pain at night is the same.  My next infusion is Nov. 17th and I am afraid it is going to get worse after that.  Ugh.

So… on with a blog.  Pull up a chair, it is a long one.

Moose is still adorable, see picture proof:


Puppy kindergarten is going well…  he is verrrrry smart.  Hims Mama says so.  ‘Cept in the potty training area… he is a stubborn mo-fo, and likes to squat in carpeted areas, but he is getting better.  Thank sweetbabyjesus for the SpotBot.

On Halloween I chaperoned a field trip for Carsten’s class… I know, bad idea!  But I promised to do it before I knew I was getting my infusion.  It was more good times!  Chasing chilluns up and down multiple floors of a museum.  Have I mentioned I hate stairs?  I DO.  So, anyhoodle… we went to the MN Science Museum, it was fun for me because I had not been there since I took Cody when he was 5.


That night we went trick or treating…. Cody wore his guillie suit (a military guy dressed like a bush).



Carsten was a ladybug.




Max was a bat.




Murphy was a spider.




Moose was a chicken.


I was a ladybug too, but there is no picture evidence, because to my HORROR, my ladybug costume was that of a trashy, slutty ladybug.  Eep!  Not so good whence trying to befriend the neighbor ladies.  (Note to self:  Try costume ON before buying!)

The leaves have fallen and I love my view of the pond.  There are geese and ducks visiting all day long.  Who knows how to tempt a loon to my pond?  I have never seen a loon in their natural habitat, and I wanna.



From my deck I can see Carsten’s school, and I can hear them call her class (on a megaphone) in from recess.  Iffen you look closely, you can see it thru the trees.




I have been working on scarves, and LAWSY…. it is taking me FOREVA!!  Here is the one I am making now.  Isn’t it purty?




Wooooo Hooooooo!  Stacey came over on Monday!  And she brought with her a present for muah!!  Which was cool, because I had a present for her TOO!  We opened them together and guess what?!?!!?  We got each other the same thing!  Well almost, I got her a Willow Tree figure called Friendship and she got me a Willow Tree figure called Friendship Angel!  Here is what mine looks like:





Isn’t it cute?  It is holding a doggie!

It was so fun to see Stac and her Mom, Peggy and I loved watching Stac see Carsten’s hair cut short for the first time.  Internets, Stac looks so good, and I think that she has really turned a corner.  It reassures me so much to see her… on the phone she sounds herself again, but to witness it in person?!?!  Just friggen wonderful.  We had so much fun chatting, and Moose loved snoogling with her.  I think the feel was mutual!  She kept saying how cute Moose was.  🙂  I hate when she leaves… I wish she could stay at my house forever.

I am sooooooooo excited that Michelle is coming to visit me in December… it is like a Christmas gift!  I want to have a Mult ladies party when she is here, so we can all get together again!

Between Christmas and New Year’s we are going to be traveling to KS and OK, to visit my parents and Bb’s fam. (in OK)  I am excited to see my parents again, and to take Moosey to meet my Mom.  So, Pickle (and L) and Abby (and Jim) … I hope you’ll be around so we can have another Bacon-Margarita party!

I rarely discuss politics with people, but this election was the first election I felt passionate about.  I have admired John McCain for over 10 years… read every book he wrote, multiple times.  My family knows if JM comes on tv, everyone SHUTS. UP. so Mama can listen.  I respect him.  I remember when he lost the Republican nomination to W, in a book he wrote after that he answered all the questions about running again by saying that he didn’t think he could do it because it hurt so much to lose.  So, anyway… my heart hurts that his dream died yesterday.  He is the same age as my Dad, and will never run again.  I am trying to be hopeful about Obama, but it is going to take me awhile to get over the sting of JM losing to him.  So, iffen you want you and I to be cool?  Please don’t rub the Obama win in my face.

Well…. I think you are up to date on my life.  I feel like I am forgetting something…. but it probably isn’t im-pour-tante.  Don’t be hatin’ on me iffen you see me around and I don’t comment… mkay?  Hopefully I will be back to normal in a while…. like December perhaps?  haha.  Santa…. put some nausea and pain meds in my stocking!  I have been a good girl!  (kinda)

******EDIT!  I remembered what I forgot and it WAS importante!!!  On Halloween night, my sister Kristen(kris10b)  and her hubs Matt stopped by for two hours.  It was a super short visit, but it was SO great to see her.  She is living in CO temporarily and I rarely get to see her.  And?  The sweetest thing is that as she was leaving she left me a gift in my mailbox.  A spoon.  If you don’t date that far back in my blog… it was something I talked about a long time ago and you can read about it here.

Anyhoodle… she left me a spoon and a card that made me cry…. good cry, because she is so sweet and thoughtful.  So, thanks Kristen and I am so sorry I forgot!!


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