10 and Counting

  Ever watch that reality show 18 & Counting, about the family that has 18 children and won’t say that they won’t have more? I need a reality show like that.  Except with pets. So………. yah. Meet Bubbles Butterscotch B (our last name that starts with B)!  He is officially Carsten’s pet, not mine!  So, congratulate … More 10 and Counting

Somebody Help

  Last night was my first class at the animal shelter.  It was just an overview of volunteer responsibilities, it was just a short talk about what is expected of us.  After the class was over, we were free to wander the shleter, and visit all of the animals. People.  I did not want to leave.  Seriously.  … More Somebody Help

Talkative Tuesday

  Hello my people. What a beautiful day it is here today.  Sunny and in the seventies… just perfect if you ignore the fact that it is in the high 40’s or low 50’s when you wake up!  Sheesh!  Where did summer go? Tonight is Freshman Orientation Part 2.  We already had part one, where … More Talkative Tuesday