That’s what you get when Grandma makes your burger.

Holy shit it’s been HOT lately. You walk out the door and in .03 seconds it feels like you’re standing in the Sahara desert wearing clothes fresh from the dryer.

Which is why I didn’t want to make dinner last night. Honestly, I doubt a stove burner raises the temperature in your house…. but I didn’t want to risk it. So, we went to the VFW for Burger Night. Cheeseburgers are $1 and I don’t have to make them? Sign me up! And oh…. wait…… apparently the entire population of Prior Lake would also like to sign up for Burger Night. Sad face.

Oh well. I order our burgers. My neighbor Kelly orders her burgers. Then I watch Kelly get her burgers, eat her burgers, hang out for a while commiserating over my lack of burgers, pack up her children and go home and STILL my burgers are

Seriously. It was an HOUR.

I went to investigate, and the kitchen full of Grandmas and Grandpas realize they mixed up the tickets and skipped 15 or so orders. Oopsie, they say. Sad senior citizen face.

This might seem like an honest mistake to you people, except for the fact that the tickets were in NUMERICAL ORDER. Yah. Last time I checked, 47 didn’t come before 35.

So, was it worth the wait? Uhm. I hate to admit this, but VFW Grannies know their burgers. Scrumpdelicious. Also, burgers, fries and pop for 3 people for $10? Incredible deal.

Just maybe not the best idea to frequent the VFW when it’s stupid hot outside. Crowds, heat and lots of ticket numbers = inefficient seniors.

Speaking of stupid hot… we are headed to Kansas today to see my parents! Yay! And then off to Oklahoma to meet my new nephew, Truman!

Have a safe 4th of July!


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