Stuff I have been meaning to show and tell you… Mar 29, ’08 2:15 PM
for Mel ‘s friends, Mel ‘s family and Mel ‘s online buddies

Remember when it was my birthday?!?!

I never showed you what two other cool, funny, wonderful people got me.  First was a box that arrived from the Queen of Petulo Arbustos… Michelle!  She is one of the sweetest, funniest, nicest people EVAH!










Lookit all that STUFF!  My FTC shirt!  Candy!  And LOTS of make-up!  Gah, it was a box of my favorite things EVER!










There were make-up brushes, eye shadow, eye liner, lotion, body wash, lip gloss, hand scrub, and perfume that I LOVE LOVE LOVE.  Every time I used something it makes me think of her, and how very sweet she is!  Thanks Michelle!

And the next present is from my BFF, Kristi.  She always gets me the most thoughtful gifts…. I might mention something in passing and she will remember MONTHS later.  She actually sent me the link for this present, over a year ago, because she knew I would love it.  Well, I rarely buy things for myself (besides shoes and clothes) and since I didn’t know that I NEEEEDed it, I never got it. 










It’s a super cool tripod!  The little feet are bendy, so you can hook it anywhere, and it is so little it fits in my camera bag and I take it EVERYWHERE with me!  It is what I used to take some of my camping pictures!  No more trying to find a rock or stump or something to use, I can hang my camera from a tree branch!












Thanks Kristi!  I use it ALL the time!  And now I could not live without it!

Here is something I have been working on…. I had a patio table that used to have a glass top.  The strong winds of Kansas tipped it over and shattered it.  So then we covered it with a piece of wood that we cut and finished for outdoor use… but it didn’t hold up well and after a year of tipping over and getting tossed about, I was about ready to throw it in the pond.  So, I decided to tile the top of the table.  BB cut the cement baord for me, and used the neighbors wet saw to cut the tiles, but then I did the rest. 










I laid out the tiles, attatched them to the table, grouted the joints, and stained, cut and attatched the trim for the sides.   It was raining today… but here is a picture of what it looks like finished.















And here is my FTC ankle bracelet that Potsy made me!  It is another piece of jewelry that I never plan on taking off!










Carsten spent most of Spring Break hanging out with the doggies.  She lurves to take them for walks, give them treats and just love them up.










And lastly, and most importantly…. my Grandma is really sick.  I have not mentioned it because I haven’t really wanted to admit that it is really happening.  She has been in the hospital and is now in ICU.  She has an infection in her lungs, is very tired and is hardly eating.  My sister Kristen flew there yesterday… and my Mom is being very strong.  I am afraid she isn’t gonna make it out of the hospital this time though.  I am really sad.  I know she has lived a long life, she probably wouldn’t want me to say her age publicly… but she is in her late 90’s, and I know I have to accept that this might be the end.  Sooooooooo…. yeah.  Not much more to say.  I will let you know what happens.





Have a good weekend everyone.  The kids and I are off to see a movie.



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