Baby Bunnies Day 4

Baby Bunnies – Day 4 Jan 25, ’07 11:44 PM
for Mel ‘s friends and Mel ‘s family
 The babies are doing well. Yesterday was a little freaky, because they started really jumping around and squeaking. I was afraid there was something wrong at first, and I spent almost an hour calling different vet clinics to find someone to answer my bunny questions. Finally I spoke to a vet who said it was quite normal for them to be active and noisey, and then the rest of the day they were much more quiet.

This morning we looked at them before school and they were vocal and active again, so I am wondering if they are just really hungry in the morning. It is almost noon here, and they have quieted down now and are sleeping.

Here is how I found them a few minutes ago.


These three like to stick together. Two of them look almost exactly alike, and the other one is lighter, more of a grey color. Can you tell how much their fur has grown in?

This bunny likes to be by himself. I find him separated from the others a few times a day, he does occasionally hang out with his siblings. But more often than not, if I try to put him by the other three he gets all mad and tries to jump away. When I say jump, it is more like kicking off of things. They don’t stand on their feet yet, they still kind of lay sideways, so he will kick off the others (which doesn’t make them too happy) or off of the wall to get away. I asked the vet about the solitary bunny’s behavior, and he said most likely he just has an “out-going” or “adventurous” personality. So, right now, he is my favorite. You gotta love a bunny with spunk, right?

So, here they are all together, so you can see the difference in their colors.

They sure are growing fast, aren’t they?


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