Timeline of Bus Stop’s Day


5am – Check to see if my Mom is laying on her back, if she is – stand on her boobs. This is like trying to balance on a beach ball! Fun! It wakes her up FAST!!

5:45am – achievement unlocked, my mother is awake.

5:50am – Try to do figure 8’s thru her legs as she walks down the steps.

6am – go outside with the dogs. Not sure why we do this as there is a poop box INSIDE the house.

6:15am – jump at drawstrings on my mother’s pants until she realizes I’m hungry.

6:16am- achievement unlocked, breakfast time!


7am – start holding my mother down on the couch. Make adorable kitten faces so she feels too guilty to get up.

9am – making beds!! I am under the sheets! I am ghost kitty! BOO!

9:15 – judge my mother while she showers and gets dressed.


10am – laundry! How darest you attempt to pilfer items from my basket fortress!

10:30 – outside with dogs!

10:45 – contemplate if I am a dog.

11am – torment siblings.


Noon – time for Gouda!

12:30 – Climb in the plants like I’m in The Jungle Book, Mom loves this! She always comes running!

12:46 – outside with dogs! Seriously, what are we doing out here?

1pm – finally! My Mom operates the noisy swirly water bowl!

2pm – complete total house search for items suitable for water bowl.


2:03 – achievement unlocked! Flotsam and jetsam floating in bowl.

2:42pm – my minion arrives home!!

3:15pm – show minion she is winning because her items are in my water bowl.

4pm – watch Dr Phil.

5pm – dinner time! Run backwards into wall because I must maintain eye contact with my mother who is holding my ground up horse meat deliciousness.

6pm – We play swimming in shark infested waters, where I ATTACK EVERYTHING THAT CROSSES MY PATH.

7pm – out with the dogs! This is getting ridiculous.

8pm – retire to my Mom’s bed where all heating blanket space is MINE.

9pm – asleep.


Midnight to 5am – collect various cat toys and stuffed animals and place them on top of my Mom and my minion whilst they sleep!

5am – Time to stand on the boobs again!!


One thought on “Timeline of Bus Stop’s Day

  1. Mine jumps on my full bladder. She will also go outside but then whine to be let back in to use the box or vomit. Then right back outside…


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